Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu Crowns First Wicked6™ Cyber Games Champion

The Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu will welcome industry VIPs, government leaders and cybersecurity pundits to the Wicked6 Cyber Games, a unique cybersecurity exhibition and fundraiser in the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas at the Luxor Hotel and Casino on August 8.

The Women's Society of Cyberjutsu Presents

Why Wicked6?
By: Monica Ricci (Event Director)
April 12, 2019
Cyber competitions are exciting. Really. Whatever their format – from standard Capture the Flag, to Jeopardy-style questions and answers, to real-world simulations where teams attack or defend a facility’s network and information – amateur and professional players thrill at the challenge and celebrate their achievements just like in any other competition. But to the casual observer, a cyber competition in progress typically looks like a bunch of people sitting at computers, hard at work. I might not go as far as to say snoozefest, but … yeah, I would.



Three years ago, we assembled a group of cybersecurity experts to explore the problems of meeting the growing demand for cybersecurity jobs with skilled people, and the role that cyber competitions play in developing and demonstrating those skills in players. One idea came out of those discussions and has captured our imaginations ever since: cyber competitions can have the look and feel of a sporting match. A few months ago, we took steps to give life to this idea: to organize a cyber game with the audience atmosphere and the player experience of an esport – the fastest growing sport in the word – and Wicked6 was born.



Do You Want to Play a Game?

The name Wicked6 harkens back to other popular sporting events with brackets that have catchy names. Sweet, elite, final … we knew our bracket would be excellent, and thus wicked! And to exemplify wicked excellence (a passing redundancy to make a point) in all areas, we have planned details that will rival the madness of other competitions.

Imagine it with me:

  • Top teams doing battle on stage under the lights and amid the roar of the crowd.
  • Player scorecards that illustrate their skills in measurable ways.
  • Sponsors getting out the word not only of the action but for their brands.
  • A rapt audience in the stadium and watching the broadcast, following the play-by-play, marveling at the skill, bemoaning the inevitable missteps and cheering the successes of their teams.



Join Us!

Three years ago we said, it could happen. Today we are thrilled to announce that it WILL happen. You’re going to want to be there on August 8. [Clears throat, channels my best Hank Williams Jr. voice] Are you ready for some cyber?!?!


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