Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu Crowns First Wicked6™ Cyber Games Champion

The Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu will welcome industry VIPs, government leaders and cybersecurity pundits to the Wicked6 Cyber Games, a unique cybersecurity exhibition and fundraiser in the HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas at the Luxor Hotel and Casino on August 8.

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Get the Lowdown on the Logos!
By: Monica Ricci (Event Director)
June 12, 2019

Now that June has arrived, the Wicked6 team has shifted into high gear. This month marks the start of the Wicked6 tournament, and we’ve already passed many milestones. Let’s recap where we are so far!

  • We’ve announced the 21 collegiate teams who will compete, and they are already immersed in battleground training.
  • All competitors have been granted access to the competition platform, Project Ares, and practicing their skills and tactics required for the individual and team missions.
  • The online qualifiers will take place June 23-July 3, after which the top 6, soon to be known as the Wicked 6, will be announced and invited to Las Vegas on August 8!

It’s Going to be a Hot Summer!

The Wicked6 field of collegiate competitors is diverse and impressive. As the tournament moves ahead, you will learn a lot about these teams. To kick it off, I am pleased to introduce you to a few and share the stories behind their team names and logos. Here is a small sample to whet your wicked appetite!

University of Delaware Blue Hens

This cyber team are avid participants in CTF competitions, known by either the alias Blue Hens or Sneaky Hens. This cheeky hen in this photo is the team’s logo. The significance of her 3D glasses is in the eye of the beholder; I choose to believe that it enhances her ability to seek out and find the cybersecurity target.

Speaking of which, the team has shared that there is a flag in the photo, and all incoming freshmen in the Cyber Scholars program must find it using the tools of the craft. I’ve tried … no luck yet. Those freshmen are good!

University of Nevada Reno’s Nevada Cyber Club

The Nevada Cyber Club, or NCC, boldly goes by the team name NCC-1701. “That NCC is also a part of a particular starship’s registration code is a happy coincidence,” they say. Beyond the galactic, there are other details in the team’s logo that highlight their identity and purpose. The paw print represents the Wolf Pack, the nickname for the University of Nevada Reno’s student body. And the ring of characters that encircles the paw print are an md5 hash of the name Nevada Cyber Club. How apropos!

ECPI D0wn the L1ne

This logo is packed with so much detail that it comes with a multi-page “blazon” document that formally describes all of its elements. So ambitious! Every component of the D0wn the L1ne logo was designed to represent the various areas within the field of cyber network security. I just can’t do it justice in a paragraph summary, but here’s a few elements. The hooded figure at the top of the graphic wears a white hat, indicating it is an ethical hacker. The pattern of red 0s within the hood form a glider from the Game of Life. The word “protected” and the black city skyline are upside down to represent that protection comes from our side. The six stars down the sides represent six of the seven layers of security (the hooded individual represents the seventh layer, monitoring and testing). But that’s not all! Stacked in 3s, the stars represent defense in depth strategy AND they increase in size to represent the career progression of cybersecurity professional. This team has really covered all the bases for cybersecurity.

And This is Only the Beginning!

You’re going to want to know more about these enthusiastic teams and creative competitors. Stay tuned for more news about the qualifying round coming in the next couple of weeks.

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